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Christian Educators' Discount Program

Special savings are available for Christian Educators.
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Welcome to EducatorBenefits.com

EducatorBenefits.com and Liberty Mutual is pleased to announce a new program called the Group Savings Plus Program.

This Program is jointly offered by Liberty Mutual and Educator Resources, and is dedicated to saving Christian School and Church employees money on their Auto, Homeowners and Renters Insurance. Employees (or spouses) or volunteers of Christian Schools or Churches are eligible for an additional 10% discount off of already competitive rates through the Group Savings Plus Program. This discount is in addition to any discounts already available in your state.

School and Church Administrators can register for Benefit kits to be supplied free of charge to their ministry in order to explain the program and educate full-time, part-time and volunteer employees.

Employees can sign up for a reminder e-mail to be sent so they can compare their current coverage to the discounts available through the Group Savings Plus Program.